Vacuum Systems

Elastec Drumit  The Elastec DrumIt, the drum filling vacuum head with auto shut off. When your jobs require handling materials that you don't want in your vacuum truck. DrumIt will save you time and money, simply connect DrumIt to any vacuum truck and pump directly into a drum.

  DrumIt is used for:                                  Advantages:

   Chemical, Oil or                                          Eliminates the need to
   Hazardous                                                  decon your vacuum truck

   Materials clean up                                      Easy for one person to
                                                                       handle   50lbs. wt.

   Changing leaking drums                             Stainless steel and
                                                                       brass components
    Specialized storage or                                      
    disposal                                                     No moving parts

    Vacuum Excavation                                   Ship UPS

    Wet and dry pickup

    Oil sump and separator
     clean up

Elastec MiniVac The Elastec MiniVac, portable, 20 hp vac unit.
Designed especially for use with the DrumIt vacuum head. To release your vacuum truck from long term jobs, choose MiniVac. Available in diesel, gasoline, or explosion proof electric.

Elastec Porta-Vac Elastec Porta-Vac for environmental cleanup and maintenance unit for picking up viscous oil and debris on land or from water surface. Available with a 1000 or 1300 gallon tank on a heavy duty trailer with wide flotation tires and equipped with safety equipment and surge brakes for highway, or off-road towing. The tank is hydraulically lifted for easy and quick dumping through the full opening rear door, or emptied with the 3" hydraulic transfer pump.

Features include:
Diesel engine with electric start
Full opening rear door
Hydraulic powered hoist
Hydraulic operated off loading pump
Suction and discharge hoses
Heavy duty frame and axles

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