Spill Response Kits

Universal  Products Spill Response Kits  Ten years ago we were one of the innovators of personalized Spill Response Kits. Since then, we have assisted numerous large and small companies in designing and supplying kits to fit their individual needs.
Our Spill Response Kits are available with products for oil, water based and aggressive liquid spills. Additional items such as goggles, gloves, tyvek suits, Plug-n-Dike, drain covers and other components may be added at your request. We pride ourselves on assessing and fulfilling your needs.

Pelican high inpact Spill Response Kit                   Pelican high inpact Spill Response Kit

This Spill Response Kit has a Pelican ultra high inpact copolymer polypropylene case. It is water tight and air tight with a unconditional lifetime guarantee.

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