Industrial Refuse Combustor

 SmartAsh     This innovative combustion system meets EPA requirements for burning non-hazardous refuse. SmartAsh uses no fuel. Simply load a 55 gallon open head steel drum, light it and clamp on the lid.
Two 120 volt electric high-velocity blowers create a cyclone of intense heat. Combustion is so complete the volume of materials is reduced to an average of 3% ash. Portable and convenient, SmartAsh rolls out of sight when the job is done.
The air-powered SmartAsh reduces disposal cost, while eliminating possible long term environmental liabilities.

 The Federal EPA determined that the SmartAsh will be exempt from regulations for commercial and industrial waste incineration.

The federal EPA has no permit requirements for the SmartAsh. Even though local restrictions may apply. The exemption will be written in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) published in November.

The SmartAsh II uses heating oil, diesel fuel, and even used motor oil as fuel. This innovative incinerator does a big job but is small enough to be shipped by parcel post. SmartAsh II users have the choice of using the unit with or without fuel. For dry loads that support combustion, SmartAsh II incinerates waste with incredible efficiency. For loads with a moisture content above 15%, SmartAsh II's unique fuel injection system allows the incineration of a large variety of refuse and waste materials. SmartAsh II even eliminates waste oil.

SmartAsh burns: Absorbent Materials (natural and synthetic)
                                    Used Filters
                                    Waste Oil
                                    Paper Waste
                                    Wood Byproducts
                                    Oily rags, gloves, clothes
                                    And other non-hazardous refuse

                                                        Burns clean
                                                        and smoke free

Elastec Smart Heat Smart Heat is more than a furnace, It is an environmentally intelligent way to burn used absorbent materials on site and to generate "free heat" at the same time. It's the smart solution for the disposal of oily absorbents, rags, and filters safely, legally and economically.

Elastec's Smart Heat energy recovery furnace complies with the latest EPA ruling, 40 CFR #266.41 and new management standards 40 CFR #279.10 (c), regulating the on site burning of materials contaminated with oil. No permits required.

Elastec MediBurn  The MediBurn is a medical waste incinerator specifically designed for use in small hospitals, clinics, laboratories, remote locations, disaster relief operations and animal cremation.
 MediBurn is an innovative system for smaller facilities. It has been designed to eliminate hospital waste (including infectious and pathological waste) efficiently, and with a minimum of expense. Existing personnel can be instructed on the use of this product. The operator opens the primary chamber door, places the waste inside and turns on the unit. A timed cycle preset by the operator begins and the waste is reduced to 5% ash by volume.

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