Oil Skimmers

Elastec Drum Skimmer Most oil skimmers can't tell the difference between oil and water. They pick up both, which means costly water disposal. The Elastec Drum Skimmer Systems are selective. They attract only oil and leave the water behind.
Elastec Drum Skimmer Systems are designed to make oil pollution control and spill clean up easy and economical.

Skim-Pak Skimmer A self-adjusting Douglas Engineering Skim-Pak System is designed for continuous, unattended performance in industrial, environmental and waste water applications. The dependable, uncomplicated system removes floating product from liquid surfaces with virtually no maintenance or monitoring.

Oil Grabber 8Since 1968, Abanaki has been serving our clients around the world with skimmers for all applications; from local job shops to giants like Ford and Boeing, from 1 gph to 200 gph, from food processors to remediation to metal mills and beyond. Have oil on water? We have your skimmer!

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