Leaks Happen
Would you be prepared?

Plug N' Dike premix Plug N' Dike is a nontoxic material which forms an immediate seal to control flammable and/ or hazardous leaks and spills. It is a combination of high water-absorption polymer in a bentonite base. The polymer absorbs over 300 times its own weight in water into a microstructure, producing a seal against penetrating of fuels and chemicals.  
Plug N' Dike is available in a premix formula ready to use or a dry granular.
Plug Rugs are available in 8"x 8", 16"x 16" and 24"x 16".
The PND Drain Cover is a polyethylene reinforced mat 36"x 36" with Plug N' Dike edge sealant. Works well with hydrocarbons and many other chemicals.

 Edwards and Cromwell A-E kit Universal type kits for small to medium holes in any type low pressure vessel. Covers pin, convex, concave and flat surface holes of all shapes. Covers cracks, hairline cracks and much more.

Edwards and Cromwell C-1 kit Hazardous materials response kits are also available from pipe plugging to external pipe leaks.

Edwards and Cromwell F kit For the large holes that don't require wrapping chains or cables around the vessel.

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