Environmental Microbial Products

InterBio Microbial Formulations

RBC 103
Degrades phenol, sulfur compounds, sour crudes, phenyl phenol, resorcinol, methacrylates, chlorinated hydrocarbons, divinyl benzene, trimethylamine, dimethylamine, t-butal catechol. misc. solvents, BTEX, misc. amines and other complex organic chemicals.   
RBC 104
Degrades lignins (wood glues), black liquor, green liquor, white liquor, cellulose products, starchy waste, tall oils, pine soaps, high BOD and wood fibers.
RBC 105 (liquid only)
Ammonia removal
RBC 106
Degrades specific foams, surfactants, detergents, and other ethoxylated hydrocarbons.
RBC 107
Degrades high oil and grease, animal fats, triglycerides, naphthalenes, polynuclear aromatics, odor-causing chemicals.
RBC 108
Cold weather applications (psychrophilic blend ).
RBC 109
Degrades pentachlorophenol, heavy petroleum hydrocarbons, polynuclear aromatics, high oil and grease, creosote constituents, chlorinated hydrocarbons, ethylene glycol, alcohols, BTEX, and other complex organic chemicals.
Controls algae by competing for available nutrients in water.
Degrades cyanides, cyanates, specific phenols, designated for coal gasifications, steel coking chemicals, chlorinated hydrocarbons, styrene, t-butyl catechol.
RBC M-10
Improves methane production, decreases final sludge volumes in anaerobic digestion.
RBC M-12
Degrades high BOD, detergents, surfactants, oil and grease; helps with foaming problems.
RBC Munibak
Degrades high levels of oil and grease, along with high BOD.
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