Drug Terminator

For Disposal of Confiscated Drugs

Drug Terminator Video

  This innovated, easy to use incinerator is specifically designed for safe and efficient disposal of confiscated drugs. Drug Terminator is used by local law enforcement when other disposal options are limited.

Drug Terminator is wood or charcoal fired. Two high velocity electric blowers create a cyclone of intense heat eliminating illicit drug quickly and completely. The volume of material is reduced to an average of 1% ash. Non-combustible drug paraphernalia is sterilized by heat and can be disposed in municiple waste.

Drug Terminator has been developed from the Cyclonic Barrel Burner(Smart Ash), a highly successful and efficient incinerating device. Over two thousand Cyclonic Barrel Burners (Smart Ash) are in use around the world.


Stainless Steel Lid
Plated Tubular Steel Frame
2- Blowers, Axial Vane 120V standard or 220V optional
55 Gallon Steel Open Head Drum optional

Weight: 129 lbs
Height: 46"
Floor Space: 36" x 26"

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