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Universal Products proudly represents United Sorbents and Spilfyter with their superior line of sorbent products. For specialty products we also represent Ergon, USA Absorbent, Absorption Corp., Tropic Sorb and Sphag Sorb.

In order to meet your specific requirements we offer melt blown, bonded, fine fiber and laminated polypropylene along with natural fibers including cellulose, wool and cotton.

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Our large stock of pads, booms, rolls, socks, pillows and specialty products, plus our ability to design products upon your request makes us unique in the industry. Whether its spill control, general maintenance or safety we can satisfy both your needs and EPA requirements.


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 Spilfyter's Railroad sorbent was designed for railroad refueling and maintenance areas, which are being increasingly scrutinized for possible ground saturation by hazardous liquids. The railroad product is a tri-laminate of double weight oil adsorbent, black needle punch polypropylene, and a plastic film. The entire product is non-wettable (will not adsorb water, will adsorb hydrocarbons: oil, fuel, etc. )

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